ISO 9001:2008


ISO 22000:2005

Our Experience With more than 6 years of experience in this field we follow the rigorous hygiene standards of housekeeping sought by institutional buyers.

Our Unit is ISO 22000:2005, ISO 9001:2004 and FSSAI certified

Our Sugars are BIS 5982/2003 certified, Grading of Sugar is as per international Standard ICUMSA 45. We procure special quality of sugar (S-31) specially for melting fast (specifications of sugar attached) which helps the customer steer it quick.

Our Spices we sources all ingredients from around the world, to maintain the truly original taste in all its products.

Our Packaging If you see our packaging (attached) you will notice we don't compromise on rule of land and follow all guidelines like FSSAI number, Green Dot, customer care number, etc., which you will not find in any of the present suppliers. These sachets are made up of paper material and are recyclable thus save mother nature.

Our esteemed customers Includes QSR, Restaurants, Hotels, Caterers, Institutions, Flight Kitchens, Resorts, Theaters, Coffee Chain and Tea Hubs.